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        Shredder Machine for Tire
        Model No. SP-420 / 60205
        Brand Name CHANG WOEN
        Trade Term
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        Chang Woen Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Membership Top 1
        Region Taiwan
        Contact Ted Kao
        Product Details Company Profile
        plastic shredder SP-420 / 60205
          Especially for bulky plastic products.Eliminate the disadvantages of traditional high horse power crusher.Also for cracking unusual objects,waste tyres,logs,sleepers,etc.
          ● 2-shaft,claw-cutter breaker has the best ability to shred anything with low noise,vibration free.
         Auto reversible equipment to prolong the life of machine.
        Type SP-420   3026    6013 SP-420  3032    4024    6016 SP-420   3040    4030   6020 SP-480  6024 6016 SP-480  4030   6020 SP-480   4036   6024 SP-520   6020  10012 SP-520   6025 10015 SP-520  6030   10018
        Motor Output 50HP-100HP 75HP-150HP 175HP-350HP
        Into Size 760x782 760x962 760x1202 870x962 870x1202 870x1440 980x1203 980x1503 980x1803
        Wood Shredder

        CHANG WOEN