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        Model No. L-2A
        Brand Name GYE TAY
        Trade Term
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        Seller Information
        Gye Tay Machinery Works
        Membership Top 1
        Region Taiwan
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        For high-speed simultaneous lacing of both top and bottom coil end turns of fractional, small integral horsepower and hermetic stators, the Double End Lacing Machine offers proven reliability at an affordable price.

        MODEL GMWL-2A_IN023
        STATOR OUTSIDE DIA. 180 mm(Max)
        STATOR INSIDE DIA. 40 mm(Min)
        STATOR STACK HEIGHT 10~150mm
        NUMBER OF SLOTS 6 ~ 72
        HEIGHT OF END COILS 50mm(Max)
        SPEED OF LACING 180 slots/ min (Max)
        POWER AC 415V , 3 PHASE 50HZ
        DRIVE MOTOR 0.75KW AC Motor
        OPERATION Pneumatic 4 –7 kgs/cm²
        DIMENSION 1500(L)*905(W)*1790(H)mm
        WEIGHT 1050Kgs