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        Roof Cover
        Model No. SK System
        Brand Name DEFENDER
        Trade Term
        Payment Term
        Certification RoHS,
        Seller Information
        Defender Machine Protection System
        Membership Top 1
        Region Taiwan
        Contact Contact
        Product Details Company Profile
        SK System
        • Designed for double column machining centers, the tent shape cover prevents oil mist from diffusing and polluting the workplace. It's a modular system which allows for fully automatic or semi - automatic opening / closing.
        • The movable beam type design, in combination with a program controlled opening / closing mechanism, does not interfere against lifting jobs and is convenient for workpiece movement.
        • It can be used together with a bellows cover to achieve a fully enclosed guard.
        • Specific sizes, construction and mounting methods are available to meet various working environments and machine structures.
        • Allows for maximum moving speed up to 80 M/min. with low noise and resistance of dust, coolant and oil.
        • A customized product with easy installation.  Also available to  controlled by PLC interface.


        Roof Cover