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        Welcome to T1Machinery.com  Help Center

        Kang Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

        Screen Printing equipment,Cylinder Screen Printing equipment,Ink Shaking Mixer,Squeegee Grinder,Vacuum Manual Printer,Squeegee Grinder,Conveyor Dryer,Mechanical Stretching Machine,Exposure Machine,

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        Tel : 886-4-23392887
        Fax : 886-4-23390929
        Kang Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
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        Company Profile

          Key well  KANG YUAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1985 and most specialized in manufacturing Screen Printing Machines as well as related equipment such as UV Conveyor Dryers, Hot Air Dryers, IR Conveyor Dryers, Screen Coating Machines, Screen Stretching Machines, Exposure Machines, Screen Washing Stands, Squeegee Sharpeners and Screen Ovens…etc.     Key well  has been concentrating on researching and innovating screen printing machines since founded. The motorized, electrical and pneumatic components of its products are all the world-known brands. The electric components used conformed to the CE standard. The machines are with high quality and won the credit from customers.    Key well  also persistently makes efforts in researching screen printing technology and applications. The abundant experience and knowledge enable  Key well  to be a reliable manufacturer and keeps growing in the market. Read more