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        Defender Machine Protection System

        Machine Covers,Bellows Cover,Roof Cover,Roller Cover,Wiper,Machine Brushe,

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        Defender Machine Protection System
        Tel : 886-2-2267-3890
        Fax : 886-2-2267-2382
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        Company Profile

        The Ultimate Protector for Machine Slideways DEFENDER means protector. In football sport, it means the defensive players. The brand name of SUN YUAN’s machine protection system was originated from “The best defense with the most effective protection. “The company’s logo is a simple square graphics in combination with equal sloping sides, that exhibits in-depth meaning of the company’s identification system. The equal length of four sides represents the company’s internal culture - mutual concern, mutual trust, mutual toleration and mutual growth. The company’s philosophy is “honesty and Responsibility; Professional Team Work; Excellent Quality; Technology Innovation, the logo also represents the bellows cover produced when the company was established. SUN YUAN Technology was established in 1989. For over 20 years, SUN YUAN has been dedicating to the development of the protection covers for machine slideways. Our development of product begins from the simple bellows cover to the latest extra high speed finned bellows cover. The d... Read more