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        Home ? Luoyang CITIC IC Industries Co Ltd ? Home  
        The most qualified Lathe manufacturers and suppliers platform for Lathes resource.

        Luoyang CITIC IC Industries Co Ltd

        Company Introduction

        CITIC IC is a manufacturer and exporter, we specializing in supply of custom cast, forged and metal products. Such as Mining 、 Cement 、 Oil & Gas 、 Offshore 、 Ball Mill Parts 、 Vertical Roller Mill Parts 、 Rotary Kiln Parts 、 Mine Hoist Parts 、 Wear Liner Parts 、 Bevel Gear Ging 、 Slewing Ring Bearing 、 Marine Parts 、 Large Rivet Welding Parts 、 Steel Castings 、 Marine Casting 、 Machining Factory 、 Forged Mining Chain Wheel 、 Steel Casting 、 Vessel Casting 、 Vessel Forged 、 Forged Flange 、 Casting Flange 、 Large Casting 、 OEM Casting 、 Die Casting 、 Large Rivet Welding Parts 、 Made-To-Order Casting 、 Investment Casting 、 Slag Pot 、 Made-To-Orde...
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        Product Showcase
        Basic Profile
        Membership Free
        Region China
        Business Type Manufacturer,Exporter,
        Main Products gear with module number 55,girth ring,pinion,
        Contact Detail
        Company Luoyang CITIC IC Industries Co Ltd
        Contacts beryl
        Country/Region China
        Address xinan industrial park
        TEL 8637960166585
        Web Site http://www.citicic.com